About Jason Boog

I am a writer living in Los Angeles. My work has appeared in The Believer, Salon, NPR Books, The Los Angeles Review of Books, Peace Corps Writers and other outlets. I am the director of the story investigation department at True Pictures.

After graduating from the University of Michigan, I spent two years teaching youth groups in Peace Corps Guatemala. Moving to New York City, I worked as an investigative reporter at Judicial Reports and a publishing blogger for Know More Media.

I spent five years as the publishing editor at Mediabistro, where I led the GalleyCat and AppNewser blogs.

This blog is named after a line from the great Ben Linus during the final season of Lost–it was so cheesy, ridiculous, and wonderful that I laughed right in the middle of the episode: “But we have History Club today. Those kids need me!”

Photo by Coy Gutierrez.


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