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Earlier this year, I started working as the West Coast correspondent for Publisher Weekly. Here’s some of my recent work…

The Library Saved My Life
Libraries have long been a place of refuge for LGBTQ people. “When I was coming to terms with my sexuality, I often felt like I needed to seek out sanctuary outside of my house, and the library was the first place I went,” says Camille Perri, author of the 2016 novel The Assistants. “It was a place that I could go and seek out information, and look for answers to questions that maybe I was too afraid to ask another person.”

California Publishers Champion Immigrant Stories
As a federal crackdown on undocumented immigrants spreads across the country, California publishers have responded with literary projects that breach the borders of traditional publishing.

Bitcoin at Meltdown Comics
A new wave of bitcoin companies is making it easier for booksellers and other retailers to adopt the digital currency without fear of volatility, however.

Dan Brown Shares His Secrets
Dan Brown fans have waited four years for a new book to decode. At last, Origin has been announced for publication on October 3, one of publishing’s most anticipated (and most secretive) events. BookCon caught up with Brown, uncovering a few clues about the new book.

Lemony Snicket Creator Gets Steamy: Daniel Handler
Daniel Handler, the novelist who wrote 13 A Series of Unfortunate Events books under the pen name of Lemony Snicket, found inspiration for his new novel by eavesdropping on teenagers.

Best Writing Music of 2016

1d422b21f86f0e43e7983b833d1489f7What’s your favorite writing music from 2016?

Over at Spotify, I rounded up my annual list of the best music that helped me write this year. That’s 21 hours of inspiring instrumental music for your writing pleasure…

During my days as the editor of GalleyCat, I created a collection of other Spotify playlists from some of my favorite writers. I’ve linked to them below…

Haruki Murakami Spotify Playlist
My playlist the Japanese novelist included songs mentioned in Murakami’s novels South of the Border, West of the Sun, Norwegian Wood, and 1Q84.

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Writer’s Guide to Patreon

patreon_logoAre you struggling to find a way to support a long-term creative project?

Over at GalleyCat, I wrote an essay to help creators use Patreon to fund ongoing writing projects.

It’s called “What Writers Need To Know About Patreon.”  Here’s an excerpt:

“Patreon helps creators of everything from web videos to novels to comics raise a “sustainable income” for their work, building a community of fans who provide monthly support. Horror novelist Aaron Mahnke has 2,204 patrons on his Patreon page, earning a total of $11,167 per month to make his popular podcast about scary stories throughout history.”

Free Born Reading Newsletter

school-kids-on-rug-listening-to-books-black-whiteIn Born Reading: Bringing Up Bookworms in a Digital Age, I share hundreds of books and apps that parents can use with kids. Now that the book is published, I still find great new apps and books every week.

To keep parents and kids informed, I launched a free newsletter for parents. Follow the link below to subscribe for free book, eBook, app and craft recommendations every issue.

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Delmore Schwartz on the Sad Men Podcast

Sad Men Podcast ImageThe fourth episode of the Sad Men Podcast is up, looking at the poetry and prose of Delmore Schwartz.

Poet and author Craig Morgan Teicher joined us, talking about how the Great Depression reshaped the life and work of the poet.

You can read Schwartz’s work in the brand new collection, “Once and For All: The Best of Delmore Schwartz.” Our episode focused on Schwartz’s great poem, “Tired and Unhappy, You Think of Houses.”